How to choose the right Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

  1. Longevity of the Company

How long the outdoor manufacturer has been in business says a lot about its trustworthiness and reliability. Choose an outdoor furniture manufacturer who has been in business over 10 years .

  • Quality Management System

Choose an outdoor furniture manufacturer that has a certified quality management system such as ISO 9001 (implemented to prevent and track quality issues. This matters because only manufacturers have this certification, not traders.

  • The Ability to Customize

The manufacturer should be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This means the outdoor furniture manufacturer should be able to produce furniture based on the unique specifications and design of the buyer.

  • Ease of Communication

The outdoor furniture manufacturer should have English-speaking staff to avoid any miscommunications.Moreover,the sales representative should be professional,patient and reliable.

  • Production capacity

The production delivery date of the factory is very important. If we have our own sales plan, the factory will not be able to complete it because of insufficient production capacity. so usually 45 days is maximum term

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